Pantheon of Thorin

The Divine

The Divine are the nine deities recognized by the populations of Thorin. Different cultures might interpret them slightly differently, but they are commonly known as The Divine. And while they’re worshiped by all (non evil) across Thorin, the different races have their patron deities that they generally observe more than the others.



  • God of the Sun
  • Creator of the Prime Material
  • God of Civilization, Agriculture, & Invention

Known as “The Father of Light” across the land, shrines and churches dedicated to Oryndir can be found across the continents. Patron god of Humans & Gnomes across the world.

Domains: Light, Life



  • Goddess of Love & Beauty
  • Goddess of Fertility
  • Goddess of Healing

Known as “The Mother” by all Humans & Halflings.

Domain: Life



  • Goddess of the Sky, Stars, & Natural World
  • Goddess of Art & Poetry
  • Creator of the Feywild

Patron goddess to Elves & Corgyn as well as many Druids and Bards. It would also be common to find shrines dedicated to Danya in the homes of artisans, entertainers, and other lovers of the arts.

Domains: Nature, Life



  • God of the Sea & Depths
  • God of Power
  • God of Nature’s Wrath

Creator of all aquatic life. Patron god of sailors and pirates alike, as well as some Druids, and those who dream of immense power.

Domains: Tempest, Nature



  • God of Strategy & Fury
  • God of War & Conquest
  • God of Law

Patron god to Dwarves & Dragonborn, as well as many on the battlefield, and seekers of justice in society.

Domains: War, Knowledge



  • God of Secrets
  • God of Magic
  • God of Dreams

Known as “The Father” to the Elves. Patron god of Sorcerers and Wizards as well as all seekers of knowledge.

Domains: Knowledge, Nature



  • Goddess of Fire
  • Goddess of the Forge

Called “The Mother” by Dwarves. Patron goddess of blacksmiths.

Domains: Light, War



  • Goddess of the Hunt
  • Goddess of Animals & Beasts
  • Goddess of Wisdom & Patience

Patron goddess of the Keshar. Rangers and Corgyn are also known to worship Meylan.

Domains: Nature, Life



  • God of Pleasure
  • God of Trickery
  • God of Change & Luck

Domains: Trickery, Life

Commonly worshipped by Halflings. Patron god of those who aspire for freedom and pleasure in life.

The Nefarious



  • Goddess of Night & Ice
  • Goddess of Dark Magic
  • Goddess of Treachery & Madness

Known as “The Mother” to most if not all monstrosities and other evil entities throughout the world.

Domains: Death, Trickery



  • God of Death & Greed
  • God of Destruction
  • God of Pestilence & Monstrosities

Known as “The Father” to most if not all monstrosities and other evil entities throughout the world.

Domains: Death, Tempest



  • The Outsider
  • God of the Far Realms
  • God of Trickery

Few things are known about Serapis, but he’s more commonly known as The Outsider. In Thorin, bad luck and unfortunate events are sometimes attributed to him, as well as anything new and mysterious that can’t easily be explained. But it’s unclear whether or not he even exists at all.

Domains: Knowledge, Trickery

Pantheon of Thorin

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